General Sessions

Families (as many families as you’d like)

Seniors (as many changes/locations as you’d like)

Livestock & Rodeo Advertising/Promotion/Events (prices vary)

Maternity (32-36 weeks) & Birth at Hospital

Newborns (5-10 days old) – (you supply props, we provide backdrops) 

All Sessions Above: $50-$75/half hour 

Disc with all pictures and full copyright release – Just $100 each!!!!

Note: Most photographers do not offer this kind of Print/Disc/Copyright Release Pricing!!!


Engagements & Weddings

We are know for being more “Fun” and “Go with the Flow” than most Wedding Photographers!

Just $5 per photo on thumb drive with copyright release (to do as you please) !!!!

Note: Most photographers do not offer this kind of Print/Disc and Copyright Release Pricing!!!!

Engagement shoot:    $75/half hour

4 hour wedding coverage:       $1050

 6 hour wedding coverage:       $1250

  8 hour wedding coverage:      $1450

10 hour wedding coverage:      $1650


Hourly coverage pricing includes:  TWO photographers on your wedding day! (Pending availability)  All editing, cropping and enhancements (of lead photographers’ photos)  A mileage charge of .50/mile may be applied due to current fuel prices.  To Make sure your date is reserved for you:  Half of the shoot fee is due six months prior to your wedding.  The other half is due one month prior to your wedding date. NOTE on all Thumb Drive and Cds with Copyright Release:  After 30 days you are responsible for backing up your photos.  All product fees are due upon the date of receiving the product(s).  With the privilege of a copyright release, your satisfaction of the prints are your responsibility!   We have no responsibility for the quality of the prints when they are printed by an outside source.  Thank you for your cooperation!



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